The Battle For Healthier Lifestyles

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Hi, Yvonne here!

I’ve been a lifelong fitness fan… fortunately. That said my eating habits have, over the years, been more ‘miss’ than ‘hit’. I had a mindset that said ‘as long as I work out I can eat anything’. And that made perfectly good sense to me. I looked fit and healthy, so all must be well, right? Wrong!

I didn’t stop to think about the internal damage I might be causing by eating poor quality food. And in reality I didn’t appreciate just how poor the quality of the food I was eating had become over the years.

Like a lot of health conscious people I am now fully engaged in learning what it means to have a balanced diet, how to make better food choices and fuel my body for daily living as well as my fitness pastimes.

But what about the percentage of the population not yet on board with respecting and looking after their bodies from the inside out? Week after week there are headlines screaming out about the poor health of our nation. This is the latest one that caught my eye:

Britain – the fat man (and woman) of Europe: UK will be fattest nation on continent by 2025, with 40% of adults classed as obese

New stats are part of world’s biggest obesity study comprising 20m adults

  • Reveals there are currently 640 million obese people around the globe
  • Currently UK obesity rates are 28.4% for women – the second highest in Europe behind Malta – and 26.2% for men, the worst in the continent
  • Public health officials warn many adults will go on to suffer ‘life-changing consequences’ including cancer, strokes, type 2 diabetes and heart attacks

We all have a responsibility to look after our health (and that of our children) but I also believe we can play a part in the battle for healthier lifestyles by sharing  nutrition knowledge, personal stories and tips with others; helping those who want and are ready to make changes to do so one step at a time.

It’s time. I, for one, do not want to see these poor health predictions become our reality. What do you think we should be doing to help people make better health choices? Your thoughts & opinions matter…

Let Your Health Be Your Wealth!



The Healthy Mindset

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Step 1: Have a goal, keep it realistic and write it down

Step 2: Make a firm decision and commitment to do what is necessary

Step 3: Find a supportive friend (or two) who will encourage, listen and challenge you positively

Step 4: Expand your knowledge – start your  health, fitness & personal development library one book at a time. Be informed so that you can make effective productive decisions about your health.

Step 5: Empty your fridge, freezer and cupboards of poor quality foods & refill them with good quality foods. If you buy good food, you will eat good food.

Step 6: Decide on your fitness activities – and find the things you enjoy; that way you’ll stick with them.

Step 7: Change habits a bit by bit daily – Walk a bit more, use smaller plates for dining, make food time family time, get a motivation fix in the morning (play some music you like that’s uplifting, read a quote or two, write a quote of your own!), stop weighing yourself every day.

Step 8: Believe that you can; think it, see it and be the change you desire.

Step 9: Congratulate yourself & celebrate (sensibly) when you see and feel the changes in your wellbeing.

Step 10: Never give up! Quitting is not an option… Develop a healthy mindset and see how much you can achieve.

One life, live it well

Laura & Yvonne

Holistic Approach to Healthy Living!


A warm welcome from us, Laura & Yvonne!

Our mission is to help individuals realize their health potential by providing the support they need to turn their health around and lead balanced lives where their newly gained vitality keeps them motivated.

Weight gain is often a slow process triggered by one of many of lives challenges but with the right support and encouragement positive changes can be made and healthier lifestyles achieved.

Having successfully trained as Advanced Weight Loss Practitioners, we are committed to contributing our knowledge to combat the current heath epidemic one person at a time. We can make a difference…

To your health & well-being,

Laura & Yvonne